Tony, Bea and Sami (The traveling fishing family)

Tony a professional charter captain an international fishing guide, Bea an experienced angler and passionate seafood cook, and last but no means least little Sami the outgoing travelling explorer. 

One day you wake up and realise life is short and you have to get out there and try to live your dreams the best you can. This is our journey as a family, to travel, to fish and to meet some special people along the way. For us life is all about making memories and sharing experiences. When we are not travelling we run a family fishing charter business in Mangawhai Heads, New Zealand.

Louise Ingle (The fishing artist)

Fishing has been a huge part of Louise’s life and as proberly as far back as she can remember, from catching her first fish at knee height she was hooked. Fishing plays a huge part in who Louise is and naturally with fishing being so important to her this is where she finds alot of her inspiration. When she cannot go fishing for an escape she picks up her pencil and draws. 

Check out Louise’s work 

Dan Apiata (The fishing cameraman)

Words and photo tocome.